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Rehired After Retired


Slightly more than one in 10 superintendents participating in the “2012 AASA Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study” indicated they have been rehired as a superintendent after retiring from one state or another.

This contrasts with a finding in AASA’s “The American School Superintendent: 2010 Decennial Study,” in which one in five respondents said they received a pension in addition to their pay as superintendent (responding to a slightly different question).

These findings could signal (a) an aging superintendent population; (b) a narrowing pool of individuals interested in entering the superintendency; and/or (c) an appreciation by boards of education for retaining or hiring talented superintendents who have the capacity to exercise their retirement benefit.

Allowing public employees to collect a full pension and a full salary for a position covered by the same pension system is controversial. Actual or projected economic concerns have prompted some legislatures to reconsider the merits of this practice.

Sources of Data: “2012 Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study” published by AASA. Analysis by Robert S. McCord, Noelle M. Ellerson and Christopher C. Stream. “The American School Superintendent 2010: Decennial Study” (2011) published by R & L Education. Analysis by Theodore J. Kowalski. Full studies available at www.aasa.org.


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