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Joshua Starr recommends every new superintendent — and his/her leadership team — read William Bridges’ Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change. “This book does an excellent job of helping the reader understand the dynamics of change and how to manage it positively,” Starr says. “I asked all of my senior staff to read it, and we referred to it often throughout that first year.”

Other resources for newcomers:

  • The “Transition Team Report,” completed in September 2011 at the outset of the superintendent’s first year, can be found at http://bit.ly/TransitionTeamReport.
  • “The Listen and Learn Report,” based on the superintendent’s public sessions with stakeholders in the community and district staff, can be found at http://bit.ly/ListenLearnReport.
  • The New Superintendents Journal, published by AASA each fall, includes articles written by recognized national experts on topics identified by new superintendents as areas where they need help. The 2013-14 electronic edition can be found at www.aasa.org/uploadedFiles/Publications/NSEJ-2013-2014.pdf.


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