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Unusual Nickname
Located in what’s claimed to be “Sweet Corn Capital of the World,” Hoopeston High School in Hoopeston, Ill., just may carry one of the more distinctive school nicknames anywhere — the Cornjerkers.

The name stems from the premachinery days on farm fields when corn was jerked off the stalk by hand.

The school’s mascot, Jerky, is a walking ear of corn.



Stuck on the Wrong Product
A student in Lisa Barnstead’s kindergarten class at Big Flats Elementary School in Big Flats, N.Y., was working hard to get his gluing assignment done. He was having a little trouble — the pieces kept falling off, even though he was applying the glue over and over.

Barnstead finally intervened. Upon closer inspection, she discovered what the student assumed was a glue stick was actually ChapStick.



Old on All Fronts
Nancy Smith, who serves as adviser to the student yearbook at Lafayette High School in Wildwood, Mo., fielded a phone call recently from a woman desperate to obtain a 1979 yearbook. She had not bought one as a graduating senior and now really wanted it.

Smith told the caller she was in luck. She had one extra copy in the archives and would charge $75. When the woman came to pick it up, she was not happy with the condition. She said it looked “sort of old.”

Smith explained that the archived copies of the yearbooks had moved buildings twice and classrooms three times. “She wanted to know if we could give her a discount,” Smith related. “I told her she was getting a bargain since the book was practically an antique.”

The woman, in another phone call, kept pushing. “I said things age, but that if she currently looked exactly the same as she did in her 1979 yearbook pic, I would give her the book for free,” Smith says. “She hung up. My guess is she looks ‘sort of old’ as well.”


Still Tooting
Randall Grove took up trumpet in the 4th grade, and he has used his musical talent to advance his career in education, which began as a music teacher and high school band director.

Now, as the third-year superintendent of the Conrad Weiser School District in Robesonia, Pa., he remains eager to show he hasn’t lost his acumen in the instrument department, despite spending most of his time on high-falutin’ management issues. So Grove remains in his element pumping up the homecoming crowd at a Friday night football game each fall, sitting in with the Marching Scouts, the high school marching band. He also tooted his horn in the student orchestra pit during last spring’s production of Guys and Dolls.

Said Grove of the experience: “Students had the opportunity to see me practicing — no pun intended — a lifelong activity while supporting their programs.”


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