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AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) have formed an exclusive, national partnership that provides public school districts access to more than 200 national competitively solicited contract purchasing solutions.

Sourcewell helps K-12 schools better leverage national volume contract pricing on multiple areas of procurement to include school supplies, technology, maintenance supplies and equipment, furniture and facility construction projects.

Sourcewell offers schools throughout the nation the best overall contract purchasing solutions and services available. Sourcewell has competitively solicited and awarded contracts on behalf of 50,000 members. Not only does this create volume benefits, but this also attracts solicitations from nationally acclaimed vendors. School districts can avoid duplicating the bid process by accessing Sourcewell's nationally awarded contract opportunities. Let Sourcewell introduce you to the simple, streamlined and cost-effective steps to contract purchasing.

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Armor At Hand manufactures IoT/GIS internet connected smart shields that capture high-powered rifle rounds. Placed on a desktop they are disguised and instantly accessible. Our IoT connection alerts others, then help is coming instantly. The GIS mobile app guides those affected to safety, just follow the one big arrow or hide in place if X is displayed. With Esri our partner, the ArcGIS operations dashboard shows shield movements and danger zones are mapped for first responders. Training is done calmly, with GIS digital simulations site maps and minimal hands-on training, simply lift shield and protect self and others. There is now assured protection and peace of mind; for parents, students, staff, and those accountable for safety. Ask us how we can make existing safety resources more effective and reduce costs by adding smart shields.

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CrisisGo is an emergency response network company with offices in in Sunnyvale, CA and St. Louis, MO. CrisisGo has developed a world-class, emergency communications platform that takes emergency response plans out of their three-ring binders and puts them on smartphones, iPads and desktops for immediate reference and use. CrisisGo is changing how school districts respond to crises by giving them the mobile communications tools necessary to ensure that teachers, staff and administrators know exactly what to do during any emergency and to allow them to continuously communicate as a crisis unfolds. 

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ECRA delivers the highest quality research, analytic, and accountability solutions to local school districts. The ECRA Group provides school systems research-based analytic solutions to meet the challenging needs of linking student performance to teacher and administrator evaluations, documenting return on investment for programs and interventions, and communicating system performance to stakeholders. The following solutions are provided as part of the ECRA-AASA agreement:

      • Value-Added Growth Models
      • Community Dashboards
      • 360 Degree Evaluations

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The JASON Project is a non-profit organization that connects students to real science and exploration to inspire and motivate them to study and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

We embed the exciting STEM professionals and cutting-edge research of our partners into award-winning online and print core curricula, adaptable resources, live interactive events and professional development. In addition to our standards-aligned educational resources such as videos, articles with read-to-me functionality, games, and hands-on labs; JASON also offers a wealth of teacher resources including online lesson plans, assessments, classroom management and more.

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How important is teacher effectiveness when we want kids to learn?
Fact: If a student has an ineffective teacher for 3 years in a row, they will never catch up. (TVAA)

How does teacher effectiveness impact school administrators’ daily lives?
Fact: Teacher effectiveness speaks directly to the quality of education in a district. Teacher effectiveness and quality of education attract more students, which establish the spirit of a community, the reputation, as well as the budget of a school district. A well-budgeted school district has more capacity to support and advance students into an ever complex, highly competitive, technology-driven world.

Teacher effectiveness affects everyone in a community. Oftentimes, it is the difference between student success and student failure. Assessing teachers is only one part of a total equation. Teachers need support, too, along with continued opportunities for training and learning.

Quantum Learning connects administrators, teachers and students together with results in student engagement, higher attendance and more positive cultures through our school-community approach.

Quantum Learning Network (QLN) has recently joined AASA and NAESP in a collaborative effort to achieve student success through their Alliance for Education Leaders, with West Coast offices at the QLN Campus in Oceanside, CA. This location hosts activities that support superintendents in the myriad of challenges and opportunities they face.

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Ever wonder what it would be like to simplify shipping in schools?

From pencils to iPads, just about everything has to be shipped in and out of schools. And schools are paying more than their fair share of the cost. UPS has created a program just for schools, large and small, that help balance deadlines with budgets and proactively manage transportation costs. Schools get more control with greater efficiencies, transparencies, and savings.

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Wonder Media is a mission-driven company that produces engaging animated stories to connect with educators to help students at risk to realize their full potential. Wonder Media was co-founded by Terry Thoren an animation storyteller who helped take Rugrats to global blockbuster prominence during his 12-year tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Klasky Csupo. He left Klasky Csupo to start Wonder Media with Rudy Verbeeck. 

Wonder Media operates four distinct areas of business:

1. It uses its proprietary technology to allow students to create their own animated stories using Wonder Media Story Maker®

2. It has adapted the 16 Habits of Mind as animated stories for the Global Institute for Habits of Mind.

3. It produces powerful web solution to teach students in grade k-2 social emotional learning:

4. It produces instructional animations to fight child abuse and teach emergency preparedness for the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center and the Hero In You Foundation

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