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The Leader’s Pocket Guide

101 Indispensable Tools, Tips, and Techniques

for Any Situation

by John Baldoni, American Management Association, New York, N.Y., 2013, 209 pp., $19.95 hardcover


The Leader’s Pocket Guide: 101 Indispensable Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Any Situation by John Baldoni is loaded with practical information for leaders. Baldoni is the president of a full-service executive coaching and leadership development firm.

While he writes primarily for a leadership audience in business and industry, the major concepts, insights and strategies Baldoni presents in his book can be incorporated by education leaders too.

The Leader’s Pocket Guide is presented in three main sections: Self, Colleagues and Organization. Each is loaded with practical insights that are enhanced with suggestions for applying the recommended ideas. In addition to including details of his own organizational leadership experiences and those of other successful leaders, Baldoni supports his work with research findings that focus on the role of leaders and the expectations that subordinates had for them.

The Leader’s Pocket Guide is a handy reference that is a quick read, possibly useful to leaders of all ages and experience levels. Baldoni challenges readers to think about what they have read. At the end of each section, he includes a self-assessment and action tips.

Baldoni has amassed a wealth of meaningful insight and suggestions in a compact resource for leaders who want to improve themselves, develop effective and strong relationships with colleagues and develop an effective organization. 

Reviewed by George E. Pawlas, professor emeritus, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Fla.


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