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Women’s Strategies
Doctoral research at St. John’s University identified strategies used by female school leaders to achieve and then safeguard the superintendency.

Researcher Rosemary J. Uzzo-Faruolo interviewed four female administrators, including two sitting superintendents, in Westchester County, N.Y., as the basis of her study.

Her findings stated the most helpful strategies were (a) obtaining family support; (b) solidifying early commitment; (c) networking and mentorship; (d) preparation in finance and budgeting; and (e) acceptance of the 2012 high-stakes environment mandated by the state.

(Copies of “Learning From the Best: Contemporary Barriers and Strategies to the Superintendency In Today’s High Stakes Environment From The Perspective of Active Female Superintendents and Administrators Aspiring to the Superintendency” are available from ProQuest at 800-521-0600 or disspub@proquest.com.)


Home Computers
A new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research examines whether lacking home computer access hinders student academic achievement.

While the number of home computers has increased significantly, the field experiment found no effect.

Copies of “Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Home Computers on Academic Achievement among Schoolchildren” can be accessed at www.nber.org/papers/w19060.

Struggling Readers
The Review of Educational Research has published “Extensive Reading Interventions for Students With Reading Difficulties After Grade 3.”

The article synthesizes studies of long-term reading interventions to compare effectiveness.

Visit http://rer.sagepub.com/content/83/2/163.abstract for access to the full report.

Donated Items
Free merchandise, including office supplies, class materials, clothing and shoes, maintenance items, tools and hardware, toys and games, computer software, books, tapes and CDs, is available through the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources.

Schools pay a small membership fee and nominal shipping and handling charges to participate in the gifts-in-kind program. Access www.NAEIR.org for details.

Foreign Languages
The Education Trust has published a report on the teaching of foreign languages, looking at research on early language learning and the policy implications.

The report examines cognitive benefits of learning a second language but is less clear about when a child should start to learn a foreign language.

Access the report at http://bit.ly/19BQEkO.

RAND Report
The RAND Corp. has released a report describing its recent efforts related to K-12 education.

Topics include finding no evidence that incentive pay for teachers improves student outcomes; recommendations for incorporating student performance measures into teacher evaluations; and key factors in first-year urban school principal success.

Read the report at http://bit.ly/11sDf8W.

Teacher Effectiveness
The RAND Corp. has developed a website for those seeking resources on measuring teaching effectiveness. Items include fact sheets and research briefs.

Visit www.rand.org/education/projects/measuring-teacher-effectiveness.html.

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