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In her article “The Blossoming of Blended Learning” (April 2013), Judy Bauernschmidt confirmed my feelings about blended/online learning. Yet her article left unanswered some of my questions. In particular, I wondered about her experiences working with elementary schools on blended learning.

In Arizona, we have required minutes of instruction at each grade level. Obviously, we can offer instruction in addition to that, but that just seems like more workfrom the student. If such a situation exists in Colorado, I wonder how the schools account for student time spent working at home.

Naturally, I have no problem with students doing more, but fair is fair. We’d like to offer options to students in the area of gifted education and are just starting to have those conversations. 

Nadaburg Unified School District,
Wittmann, Ariz.


Our superintendent passed along Judy Bauernschmidt’s article to the principals in our school district. I thought it was a fabulous piece.

We are moving toward a 1:1 initiative, so we really are learning about so many different ways for students to be educated to best fit their needs.

South Valley Junior High,
Liberty, Mo.


After reading Judy Bauernschmidt’s article, I followed up with her for additional tips and procedures we could learn from her experiences.

As principal for the Miner Academy, a new public conversion charter school, I expect we will offer a lot of online curricula mixed with instruction. As we are just starting, we’d like to reduce the number of possible mistakes we are inevitably going to face in our first year.

Director of Technology,
Bauxite School District,
Bauxite, Ark.


Worthy of Distributing
Congratulations to all of those who had a hand in preparing the May issue. The variety of best practices and information in each feature about career and technical education, as well as the columns in the AASA Insight section, were extremely well-done.

In particular, the article “A Rural Route for Career and Technical Education” provides a great overview of the Montcalm, Mich., Intermediate School District’s CTE program delivery.

I was so impressed that I thanked my regional (intermediate) school district superintendent, Chris Wigent, for sending me his copy after he had read the magazine. I also informed our state-level career and technical education leadership and purchased additional copies for my region’s CTE directors and district administrators.

Career and Technical Education Consultant,
Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency,
Wayne, Mich.


Flipped Instruction
Re “My Mistaken Thinking in a Flipped Classroom”:

Our school will start flipped classes this fall, so I loved April Lynn Burton’s article in your March issue on how to begin in the classroom based on her experiences in a flipped high school classroom in St. Charles, Mo.

I am looking forward to this experience.

Math teacher,
Oakland Collegiate School,
Port Gibson, Miss.

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