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One Fine Day in Prison
Overheard at after-school pickup time outside Kerby Elementary School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.:

Mother: “How was your day?”

Son: “Great!”

Mother (taken by surprise): “Really! Why?”

Son: “I had lunch with the prisoner.”

(Insert mom’s stunned and quizzical look over her frozen smile.)

Son: “You know, the lady that runs the office.”

Source: Rebecca Fannon, community relations specialist, Grosse Pointe, Mich.

Mismatched Nickname
Several high schools around the country use the nickname Blizzards, but it’s a little odd to know a Texas high school has chosen that moniker. Even though Winters High School in central Texas plays its football games in steamy conditions and enjoys a rather mild winter, the nickname apparently fits.

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, Winters, Texas, claims to be in “Blizzard Country,” and the school’s fight song is played to the melody of “Winter Wonderland.”

Source: High School Today

Nice Gesture, Bad Recall
Paul Hewitt’s first administrative job was serving as the disciplinarian at a large high school in Modesto, Calif. It was a thankless job and probably the most frustrating position he ever held, dealing with young people unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.

Thirty years and many jobs later, Hewitt received an anonymous letter accompanied by $50. A former student explained how he often had been in trouble in school and now realized how Hewitt had tried to help him. He recounted how he had turned his life around and felt guilty for slashing Hewitt’s tire in the parking lot of the school and hoped the $50 would atone for his transgression.

Hewitt, now an associate professor of educational leadership at University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, admits he was moved by the letter, but adds, “I never had one of my tires slashed. … I gave the money to charity.”


Investing in Hot Air
A parent of a middle school student in a suburban district in Michigan demands an audience with the superintendent to discuss the reason for her daughter’s repeated tardiness in getting to class. The mom insists the hand dryers in the school’s bathrooms are at fault. They operate too slowly.

The dean of students assures the parent that her daughter has plenty of time to go to the bathroom and still get to class on time, as the two classes in question are located adjacent to each other and just a few steps from the nearest girls’ bathroom.

“The dean forgave one of the tardies,” relates the district’s superintendent (who asked to remain anonymous), “but the parent was frustrated how we could spend money on teacher laptops and iPads and not on hand dryers for students.”


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