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12 Coaching Strategies for Leading Professional and Personal Change

by Karla Reiss, Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, Calif., 2012, 208 pp. with index, $36.95 softcover


In Be a CHANGEMASTER: 12 Coaching Strategies for Leading Professional and Personal Change, Karla Reiss examines the steps and strategies involved in making effective and lasting personal and professional change. Prior to founding Change Place, Reiss served as a school administrator and experienced the change process in a variety of educational settings.

As Reiss explains early on, the focus of the book is slightly different than many other books written about the change process. “The body of knowledge this book is based on is derived from the field of professional coaching, and not from research on brain function, not from years of formal research into the change process.”

As indicated in the title, the book reviews 12 strategies for change that range from challenging current assumptions within your organization to maintaining forward momentum and action once the change process is underway. Each chapter ends with a very informative summary section and provides the reader with a list of key concepts.

Reiss also provides a variety of templates and forms that could be easily used to promote discussion within your group. Any school leader interested in learning more about developing lasting change should find this book useful.

Reviewed by Justin B. Henry, superintendent, Goddard Public Schools, Goddard, Kan.


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