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Creating a Positive Schoolwide




Bobbi DePorter 

The Cypress-Fairbanks, Texas, Independent School District, one of the largest in the Lone Star State, was under tremendous pressure to improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness when it learned about 300 4th graders had scored below proficiency on the state’s stand-ardized math test.

District leaders turned to Quantum Learning, a 30-year-old firm based in Oceanside, Calif., with a track record of turning around student performance and behavior based on research in hundreds of schools districts. More than 100,000 educators and 10 million students have been exposed to the QL culture of learning.

Cypress-Fairbanks’ hard work with QL paid off. More than 80 percent of students passed the state test after completing the research-based program.

Research of Quantum Learning’s impact on achievement in multiple settings has shown statistically and educationally significant increases in math, reading, writing and achievement tests, according to William Benn, an external evaluator with the California Department of Education.

School Transformation
Schoolwide professional development, instructional coaching and consulting support are the ways that QL implements its systems to increase teacher effectiveness and improve student performance.

We give thoughtful attention to social and emotional aspects of individual and group learning. This culture is important for mastering rigorous subjects aligned with Common Core and other state standards. Unless emotions and social engagement are deliberately addressed, research suggests students won’t have the confidence to voice their opinions and participate at high levels, which is necessary for collaborating effectively and thinking critically.

In addition to academic achievement, QL has been shown to improve behavior. Our culture of learning embraces what researchers call noncognitive skills, personality traits and character. Teresa M. Zutter, director of the First Star Greater Washington Academy in Washington, D.C., says, “We saw a lot of genuine improvement in behavior, with many more acts of kindness, courtesy, self-regulation and safe risk taking.”

One School at a Time
With Quantum Learning, change occurs one school and one district at a time. Each school has its own culture, strengths and challenges, and each district has its own structure, programs and resource realities. QL collaborates with local leaders to create programs based on specific needs.

“Quantum Learning empowers teachers to help students think at high levels and act responsibly,” says Larry Perondi, superintendent of Oceanside, Calif., Unified School District.

Lana Mock, director of instruction at Kahla Middle School in Houston says her campus, considered one of the most economically disadvantaged in the district, made great strides. “Out of 16 middle schools, we were one of only five recognized by the state,” Mock adds. “My teachers will tell you that hard work and Quantum Learning are the reasons our students are so successful.”

Quantum Learning Network includes Quantum Learning Education, 8 Keys of Excellence, SuperCamp and a range of educational products. Each division uses the QL system to transform the educational process and inspire excellence. The result: Students who love to learn and teachers who love to teach.

Bobbi DePorter is president of Quantum Learning Network in Oceanside, Calif. E-mail: bdeporter@QLN.com


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