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A Framework for Safe and

Successful Schools    

In April, a consortium of six national organizations representing school counselors, school psychologists, school resource officers and principals issued a joint statement outlining a unified effort to create safe, successful schools.

  1. The 16-page document, endorsed by AASA, offers six policy recommendations:
  2. Allow for blended, flexible use of funding streams in education and mental health services.
  3. Improve staffing ratios to allow for the delivery of a full range of services and effective school-community partnerships.
  4. Develop evidence-based standards for district-level policies to promote effective school discipline and positive behavior.
  5. Fund continuous and sustainable crisis and emergency preparedness, response, and recovery planning and training that uses evidence-based models.
  6. Provide incentives for intra- and interagency collaboration.
  7. Support multitiered systems of support.

The full framework can be found at www.nasponline.org/schoolsafetyframework


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