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Mandatory Advice
Harry Pringle’s advice in his Board-Savvy Superintendent column, “Five Ways to Unknowingly Undermine Your Board” (April 2013), should be taught in every school leadership course!

Whenever I found myself headed for trouble during my days in the superintendency, I could pin it on one or a combination of the behaviors he wrote about.

Now I hope he will write on this subject for members of school boards.

South Burlington, Vt.

Journalism Support
I thought Susan Enfield’s comments on the importance of supporting scholastic journalism in schools were outstanding.

In her March 2013 article (“My Defense of Scholastic Journalism”)  she was spot-on about freedom of expression and the essential role journalism study plays in educating young people. I found it truly refreshing to hear a colleague take this approach as opposed to hearing so many complain about the need for greater censorship of the student press.

Lincoln Public Schools,
Lincoln, Neb.

As someone who has followed Susan Enfield’s career over the last six years, I was happy to discover her article in defense of student journalism.

The first four years of my career were spent as a high school newspaper adviser, and I, too, understand the academic benefits of teaching students to interview, report, argue, tell stories and publish in a responsible way. It has been my experience, unfortunately, that some district and school leaders oversee student publications so stringently that it pre-empts their instructional power. So it is nice to hear a superintendent defend the freedom of a student press to maximize student voice and to minimize “quiet dissatisfaction.”

Next school year I will complete an administrative internship through a graduate university program in educational leadership. When I get the opportunity to serve as a principal, I hope it is under the leadership of a superintendent who demonstrates the vision and perspective that Enfield has shown in her career.

English Teacher,
Ridgefield High School,
Ridgefield, Wash.

Acknowledging Teachers
Re Benny Gooden’s President’s Corner “Teachers Determine Success” (March 2013):

As a 26-year teaching veteran, I agree with the point of this column: Teachers continually do whatever is necessary to reach their students.

We are given nearly impossible expectations and consistently work hard to reach them. We’re not looking for fame, glory or riches, but simple respect. Our students today deserve the best.

Member, Board of Education,
Mason Public Schools,
Mason, Mich.

Demands on Teachers
I enjoyed Kimberly Moritz’s My View column “A Generation Apart: What We Expect From Teachers” (April 2013). Like her, I have a daughter who has been teaching for about 10 years, and I am amazed and increasingly concerned about what we are asking of these young teachers.

Thanks for giving Moritz the opportunity to highlight this issue.

Senior Partner,
Castallo & Silky Education Consultants,
Syracuse, N.Y.

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