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Terror in the Workplace
Christopher Brown, superintendent of the West Genesee Central Schools in the suburbs of Syracuse, N.Y., wanted the world to know he has his phobias like everyone else who subscribes to his Twitter feed. “Early this summer, I walked into my office and found a snake. Today it was a killer spider,” he reported, along with posting a photo of the scary arachnid.

Questioned subsequently about how he responded to the latest terrors in his office, Brown said he bravely captured the snake in his bare hands and the spider in a paper towel and released both safely into the nearby woods.

“Having been a superintendent in the Southern Tier previously, I have seen a bear, a fox, a rabid raccoon and too many deer to count including a six-pointer that scraped his antlers up against the front door of the school. These were all on the OUTSIDE!” Brown said.


Nutty Moniker
At Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif., the home team competitors are known as the Acorns, so it should be no surprise that the cheering squads encourage spectators in the stands to “Go Nuts!”


A Dog's Life
Several of the schools in the West Des Moines, Iowa, Community Schools lost access to the computer network, so Brian Abeling, the district’s technology director, headed out to troubleshoot the fiber optics path among the schools.

Because the fibers pass through large metal cabinets near street intersections, Abeling had to do some outside work near an intersection in town. While on his knees working in the cabinet, a dog approached him from behind. When he turned around, he discovered he was eye to eye with a Rottweiler. “As my eyes followed his leash, I found that there was no one on the other end. … He had managed to break free.”

A UPS driver, sizing up the situation, stopped his vehicle, held the dog at bay, found the owner and then went on his way.

Quipped Abeling: “I certainly have a newfound appreciation for the men in brown.”


Memorable Finale
Sandra Wolfe had spent 40 years as an educator, but it was her final week before retirement last fall that will rank among the most memorable.

As deputy superintendent in St. Lucie County, Fla., she was asked to spend her last five days as acting superintendent while Superintendent Michael Lannon was out of the country. This meant Wolfe had to make the decisive call to keep the schools open with the approach of Tropical Storm Isaac. The weather turned especially foul during the school day, frightening parents and children. The district scrambled to get everyone home.

Wollfe didn’t make it home herself until after 8 p.m. During a retirement tribute at the end of the week, she heard the school board’s vice chair say, “You are my hero, Sandy.”

(Source: TCPalm.com, Stuart, Fla.)


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