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A Call for Contributions


One of the hard parts of managing this magazine for a readership whose professional responsibilities seem without boundaries is settling on a few editorial themes that will resonate with readers and appear timely by the day the magazine shows up in the office mail. It’s an exercise we go through every six months as we extend our editorial calendar into the future.

The themes we’ve identified for the first half of 2014 recently were added to our magazine’s page on the AASA website. I invite you to take a look and to consider submitting a story idea or a manuscript draft that connects to one or more of our planned subjects. The author guidelines on the magazine’s site lend useful guidance on what we seek in article submissions.

Most major articles in this month’s issue on the linkages between student well-being and learning were the product of joint planning with members of the AASA Children’s Programs Department. Many of their activities are underwritten by outside funding from foundations, corporations and government agencies, and we were pleased to highlight their important work.

One final point: We say farewell this month to someone who has been a cornerstone of AASA for a generation, Bruce Hunter, who is retiring. Click to read his deserved tribute.


Jay P. Goldman, Editor
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