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In a publishing world gone decidedly digital, I think it’s worth cheering the printed page from time to time.

This issue of our magazine draws heavily on three recent books sure to stimulate school system leaders: David Kirp’s Improbable Scholars; Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed; and Peter Cappelli’s Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs. Each author, at our request, adapted a relevant section of his work for our readers.

Kirp notably spent a year embedded in the Union City, N.J., public schools to document the sustained drive by local leadership for real instructional improvement — without charter schools or a state takeover. Tough argues that pushing cognitive skills in schools isn’t nearly sufficient for many children. He draws on research about instilling character capacities, such as persistence in the face of adversity. Cappelli, a management professor, sharply disputes those who fault schools for the skills gap in the workplace.

While we believe the print-on-paper version will remain the format of choice for most of our magazine’s readers through the near future, we also recognize an obligation to meet the needs of others who appreciate the convenience of access and sharing afforded by an electronic version. With this issue, we are adding a digital, page-turning edition that replicates the look, if not the feel, of what you are holding. Find the digital version at schooladministrator.aasa.org.

I’ll use this opportunity to remind our readers that a text-based, electronic archive of all School Administrator articles and columns dating back to January 1997 remains accessible on the AASA website. A keyword search for an author or a topic quickly retrieves what you seek.

I welcome your reactions.

Jay P. Goldman, Editor
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