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Female Superintendents

by Locale 



The most recent AASA decennial study of the superintendency reveals the growing presence of female superintendents (24.1 percent nationwide) has not been affected by either district enrollment or the level of a school district’s racial or ethnic diversity.

Across four district enrollment categories, the range of female representation was 20.4 percent (in the largest districts) to 29.8 percent (in the smallest districts). By comparison, females accounted for 17.7 percent of very small-district superintendents and just 5.4 percent of the largest-district superintendents a decade earlier.

Across five district diversity categories, the range of representation was 21.4 percent (in low-diversity districts) to 29.9 percent (in highly diverse districts).

Source of data: "The American School Superintendent: 2012 Decennial Study" (2011) published by Rowman & Littlefield Education and co-sponsored by AASA and Pearson. Analysis by Theodore J. Kowalski, study lead author and professor of educational administration, University of Dayton.


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