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Re John Roberts’ My View commentary, “The Wild West of Scholastic Sports” (December 2012):

Roberts is exactly correct in his connections between legislative meddling and the negative impact on students. While plenty of evidence shows public schools successfully “competing” with the private and charter institutions, state legislators now want to further weaken the competitive ability of public schools by granting high school athletes the right to transfer from one school to another without limit.

I wonder how the public would receive a directive from a legislature that Ford share more of its resources with Chevy (the government does own a majority stake in General Motors after all). The tight student transfer rules in place in Michigan and many other states act in the best interest of students, athletic organizations and schools.

As I would tell parents asking about their student playing for another school, feel free to move there with both parents with whom he or she currently resides. Otherwise, your child is welcome to join our team anytime.

Executive Director,
Region 8 Education Service Center,
Decatur, Ind.


In Sync With Danielson

Thank you for the interview with Charlotte Danielson (January 2013):

New Jersey has endorsed Danielson’s Framework for Teaching as a valid and reliable instrument for evaluating teachers. Because schools in New Jersey had to select their own instrument by Jan. 1, 2013, pilot it and have it fully implemented by the 2013-14 school year, my district purchased it over the summer, trained our teachers in the fall and have been piloting it since.

One of the domain components of the framework I find critical is evaluating teachers on how well they communicate with parents. Second to the effectiveness of the teacher, parental involvement is essential to student success. We must ensure our teachers are engaging parents more in their total instructional program — in sync with the Danielson framework.

Superintendent/Director of Special Services,
Green Brook Township Public Schools,
Green Brook, N.J.

Surveillance Cameras

Sara Clark’s Focus article on surveillance cameras on school property (December 2012) was a timely happenstance. Our school district is working with the city of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Police Department to allow online access to our security-camera system.

The need for a disclosure agreement between the school district and the city was not something we had considered. We will be seeking good examples of such agreements from Clark before we meet with the city’s attorney.

Her article is now the basis for our camera-usage procedures.

Director of Business and Operations,
Cuyahoga Falls city schools,
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Real Board Scenarios

Re Richard E. Mayer’s Board-Savvy Superintendent column “When a Board Member Asks for Special Treatment” (November 2012):

I think real scenarios like the one described by the author are so important for school board members. This one, about a board member seeking enrollment of his daughter in an honors math class, would be a great scenario for discussion in an ethics course.

Lawrenceville, Ga.



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