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Moving into the



by Thomas A. Kersten, Rowman & Littlefield Education, Lanham, Md., 2012, 132 pp., $22.95 softcover, $21.99 eBook

At a time when a significant number of superintendents are declaring or at least pondering retirement, the time and opportunity for ascension to the chief school post by administrators never have been better, and Thomas Kersten’s Moving into the Superintendency: How to Succeed in Making the Transition provides a primer for those aspirants.

Kersten’s book is really a manual. Its well-conceived structure aids in usability, with each chapter presenting a specific introduction to a topic, such as how to work effectively with school boards, followed by several strategies to accomplish this. The author focuses on building relationships inside and outside the system and managing fiscal resources.

In addition, Kersten examines less-exposed aspects of being the top school system executive. Two such chapters, “Looking Before You Leap” and “Avoiding the Most Critical Leadership Mistakes,” are invaluable to the new or prospective superintendent. In the former, the author contends a superintendent vacancy is not just something a candidate should seek to fill but the opportunity should be examined carefully before accepting any offer.

Moving into the Superintendency concisely addresses the perils and pitfalls of the chief school executive in the view of a practitioner who combines research and practice as guidance to aspirants to the top role in our profession.

Reviewed by Marc Space, superintendent, Rough Rock Community School, Chinle, Ariz. 


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