What They’re Saying About Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards, the 2013 National Superintendent of the Year award recipient, has a broad-based fan club across the country. Here’s what a few of his admirers have to say about the superintendent of the Mooresville, N.C., schools.

Adam Frankel, who leads Digital Promise, a nonprofit launched by President Barack Obama in September 2011, says of Edwards: “Mark is one of the most respected educators in the country when it comes to digital learning. He has chaired the advisory committee of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools, and it's clear that his peers respect and admire him. I've heard other superintendents say that they are rethinking their districts' strategic plans based on what Mark has done in Mooresville. Mooresville is a small town, but because of Mark's leadership, it has had an outsized impact on American education.”

Miles Atkins, mayor of Mooresville, N.C., calls Edwards a “phenomenal leader in the community, someone who has mastered the political landscape and understands how to navigate significant change with stakeholders. He is committed and passionate and supports you 110 percent.”

Atkins adds: “When he walks into a room, he always makes a point to recognize key public figures. He has the ability to engage very well. He’s determined. He knows where he wants to go and is a great consensus builder. … He is transforming education. I don’t mind riding his coattails.”

Tom Campbell, former assistant North Carolina state treasurer and host of "NC SPIN," a weekly statewide television program: “The Mooresville model isn't perfect but this small system, among the lowest in per-capita funding in our state, demonstrates we don't have to accept less than education excellence. Committed leadership, empowered teachers, involved parents, engaged students and outstanding results affirm Edwards' mantra, ‘Every child, every day.’ If it works in Mooresville it can work statewide.” (From an op-ed column in Durham Herald-Sun)

VIDEO: National Superintendent of the Year Mark Edwards on the Award's Meaning [1:16]

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