AASA Awards 25 Urgent Need Mini-Grants to Districts Across Nation

Contact: Kitty Porterfield, kporterfield@aasa.org, 703.774.6953

Program Provides Assistance for Unmet Student Needs

Alexandria, Va., February 14, 2013 – Daniel A. Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), announced today the recipients of the 2013 AASA Urgent Need Mini-Grant Program. The grants—this year totaling $33,250—are given to school districts to address hardships faced by individual children and families. This year’s 25 recipients were selected from among 120 applications. The grants range from $500 to $3,150.

“School districts use the mini-grants to provide basic services to children in under-resourced families that help keep students in school and learning,” said Sharon Adams-Taylor, associate executive director, AASA Children's Initiatives and Program Development, who oversees this AASA effort. “The major focus this year was on homeless students. The money is being used for shoes and clothing, food and transportation, medical and dental care, and even beds for children living in poverty. This year we provided mental health services for students who were victims of Hurricane Sandy.”

“The program speaks to the commitment of this organization to the students of our country,” added Domenech. “We are painfully aware of the difficult personal conditions under which many students go to school every day. The grants may not be large, but we are enormously proud that we can help in some way.”

A list of the 2013 awards.  For more information about AASA Children’s Programs, click here. For further information about the Urgent Need Mini-Grant program, please contact Sharon Adams-Taylor at sadams@aasa.org or 703.875.0762.

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