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There Is an I in Team

What Elite Athletes and Coaches Really Know About High Performance  

by Mark de Rond, Harvard Business Review Press, Boston, Mass., 2012, 172 pp. with index, $30 hardcover

Book There is an I in Team
Mark de Rond, associate professor of strategy and organization at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, examines what schools, businesses and other organizations might be able to learn from high-performing teams. Throughout his book There is an I in Team: What Elite Athletes and Coaches Really Know About High Performance, de Rond shares stories from the world of sports to illustrate many leadership lessons.

For example, what can a school district learn about performance pay for classroom teachers from contract incentives for a player in the National Basketball Association? Or how can the selection of members for a rowing crew relate to personnel decisions in a corporate board room?

The book, organized into seven chapters, addresses a range of topics, including “Why So Much Depends on So Little That Is Quantifiable.” Each chapter begins with a comparison of the old versus the new, relating theories on creating high-performing teams. In addition, the index provides a detailed list of sources for additional research.

De Rond’s book provides a good starting place for any school leader looking to further study team dynamics. His ideas are easy to follow, and de Rond provides excellent real-life examples to support the research.

Reviewed by Justin B. Henry, superintendent, Goddard Public Schools, Goddard, Kan. 


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