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Well Said!  

Presentations and Conversations That Get Results

 Book Well Said
by Darlene Price, American Management Association, New York, N.Y., 2012, 242 pp. with index, $21.95 hardcover

If only the thousands of presenters I’ve endured in my lifetime had read Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results. I would be much better able to recall their messages, and I would definitely be more enthusiastic to endure yet another presentation in the audience.
Well Said is so engaging, making it a quick read. Yet Darlene Price’s volume is jam-packed with helpful advice that you’ll want to recall every time you prepare a presentation. You’ll be tempted to excessively highlight, put sticky tabs on every other paragraph and recommend this book to all your colleagues.

Price has compiled a wealth of strategies from 20 years of executive coaching experience. She offers tips for presentations, e-mail netiquette, best practices for webinars and conference calls and, most essentially, how to be “on point” in every meeting. Whether you are looking for lists of action verbs, elusive PowerPoint functions or reminders about your non-verbal communication skills, you will want to keep this book handy for ready reference.

Even though Well Said is directed toward business executives, superintendents will optimize their communications expertise with the approaches found in this powerhouse of a book. Whether you are communicating with constituents or making proposals to your school board, this work can help you to be the cogent, convincing communicator you always wanted to be.

Reviewed by Barbara Klocko, assistant professor of educational leadership, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Mich.

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