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Superintendent Hiring
Which traits do school board presidents value the most in a candidate for superintendent?

Steven Beagle’s doctoral dissertation, completed in 2012 at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, surveyed 17 school board presidents who had used search consultants to hire a superintendent in 2011. He asked participants to rate 41 characteristics of successful superintendents to compile a superintendent profile.

Board presidents ranked integrity, honesty and fairness at the top of their list of priorities. Also important were the abilities to cultivate a culture of mutual trust and respect among faculty, staff and administrators.

The study found focusing on instructional leadership and managerial duties were less likely to be cited by board presidents.
Copies of “An Exploration of the Superintendent Hiring Process in Texas Used by School Boards That Utilized Search Consultants” can be ordered from ProQuest at 800-521-0600 or info@proquest.com.


Communication Newsletter
The National School Public Relations Association is offering at no charge a periodic e-newsletter tailored to superintendents, offering sensible communication ideas and approaches.

To receive Communication Matters for Leading Superintendents, send your name, title, mailing address and e-mail address to communicationmatters@nspra.org.

Common Core Supports
The Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA has established an initiative to develop Common Core Standards for Learning Supports.

The movement is pursuing interrelated standards for curriculum and teaching, learning supports to address factors that interfere with teaching and learning, and school management.

To learn more, visit http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/pdfdocs/comcorannounce.pdf.

Charter Enrollments
A new policy analysis from the Cato Institute examines the assumption that charter schools draw students largely from traditional public schools.

In his study “The Impact of Charter Schools on Public and Private School Enrollments,” researcher Richard Buddin found that as many as a third of charter school students in urban areas come from private schools rather than low-performing traditional public schools.

An overview is available at http://bit.ly/THz2ZE.

Flu Prevention
As part of its Healthy Schools Project, Kimberly-Clark Professional has recently released a study on the success of its student hand hygiene curriculum in dramatically decreasing contamination in schools.

The program was customized for school-age children on how to reduce the spread of germs.

More information is available at www.thehealthyschoolsproject.com.

Parental Involvement
Urban Education has published a meta-analysis of 51 studies, finding that parental involvement programs significantly increase academic achievement in preK-12 students.

The analysis examines parent-involvement programs, including shared reading and emphasized partnership, in which students and parents work together as equals.

Access the abstract or full text at http://bit.ly/THzkzF.

Curricular Materials
The National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources allows teachers to order free classroom merchandise.

Membership in the nonprofit organization enables teachers to shop via the NAEIR website for free classroom supplies. Annual teacher membership is $19.

For more information, visit www.naeir.org.


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