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Rebuiling a District
Stephen Joel provides us a great example of leadership in action in his Focus article “What We Learned in Rebuilding Our Offices” (October 2012). Being in close proximity to Lincoln, Neb., I have been able to follow the work he and his district have accomplished as a result of this crisis. His leadership cannot be overstated.

Joel stressed to his community, “our school district will come out of this stroner an better.” By surrounding himself with vital personnel, then maintaining continuous public communication, he was able to gain a great deal of trust from his school family and from the patrons. He then focused on the district becoming better as a result of a crisis.

Lincoln's board of education also is to be commended for having the trust in the superintendent to give him wide-ranging authority in their response to the loss of their headquarters. This move was likely not comfortable for them, but his constant communication with them helped to ease their concerns.

Johnson County Central Public Schools,
Tecumseh, Neb.

Mobile Apps for Districts
As an educator and CEO of a Texas-based mobile applications company that works with school districts, I believe your magazine was forward-thinking in publishing Cody Cunningham’s column on school district apps (September 2012).

It’s important for education leaders to know the value of a mobile presence to communicate with their students and families. The data in Cunningham’s article captures the role of a district mobile app and provides evidence for districts to move forward on this front. Through the use of such mobile apps, more families and students will be communicating with schools, ultimately leading to better achievement and self-efficacy through family engagement via technology.

McAllen, Texas

Screening Attitudes
I liked Dawn Huckaby’s notion of trying to ascertain a job candidate’s core beliefs and attitudes when interviewing, which is such a short amount of time. After reading her article (“Hiring for Attitude,” August 2012), I contacted Huckaby for some specific documentation, and she got back to me quickly.

Even though some strategies she mentions will need to wait until the next hiring process, I was able to implement the writing prompt and the 10-minute lesson-plan presentation ideas right away. My team and I really gained insight though using both of these measures. Even though we frequently use computer-generated memos and letters to parents, I still believe many times teachers need to write a quick note by hand.

Huckaby provided some questions for interviewing that might prompt candidates into a more thoughtful answer, thereby giving our hiring team insight into their attitudes, in addition to their aptitude.

Westside Elementary School,
River Falls, Wis.




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