Join AASA's Healthy School Snacks and Beverages Policy Initiative Peer-to-Peer Innovation Network!

AASA’s Healthy School Snacks and Beverages Policy Initiative builds supportive relationships among superintendents regarding healthy snack foods and beverages sold in schools. We match school districts together in a peer-to-peer relationship so superintendents and their school boards can develop or revise and implement effective competitive foods policies.

We are seeking districts to join our initiative and take advantage of the peer-to-peer relationship, as it is a powerful tool for districts to learn from one another and come up with innovative solutions to improve school wellness policy.

Why you should get involved:

  • It’s free! All the support from other superintendents and from AASA is complementary.

  • Childhood obesity is still epidemic in our society. Improving the snack foods sold in schools is one piece in the giant puzzle of eradicating childhood obesity.

  • Healthy children are better able to attend school regularly, learn, and behave appropriately when their nutritional needs are met.

  • As superintendents, you have an opportunity to help children establish healthy habits that can last them throughout their lives.

  • The Smart Snacks in School guidelines must be implemented by July 1, 2014. AASA can help your school district be ready.

Superintendent Expectations

  • Provide technical assistance to each other on developing and implementing effective competitive foods policies. The technical assistance may take the form of conference calls, in-person and online meetings, trainings, etc.

  • Share information regarding wellness polices, and district challenges and successes.

  • Recruit other superintendents to join the initiative who are in need of support in implementing strong competitive foods policies, including the Smart Snacks guidelines.

  • Network with other superintendents that are participating in the initiative.

AASA Assistance

  • Cover roundtrip transportation, hotel, ground transportation, and meals associated with in-person meetings.

  • Establish a relationship with your AASA state executive to help communicate your success story to other districts in your state.

  • Assist with communication, media, and outreach to help publicize your efforts to your stakeholders and your community.

Contact Summer Kriegshauser at 703-875-0732 or with any questions or for more information.