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Becoming a Values-Based



by Homer H. Johnson, Information Age Publishing Inc., Charlotte, N.C., 2012, 86 pp., $85.99 hardcover, $45.99 softcover

In Becoming a Values-Based Leader, Homer H. Johnson creates a fictional character named Dave, the CEO of a medical supply company. Dave is highly talented but has become “burned out” in his career and is contemplating a departure from the company. The book follows Dave as he receives executive coaching assistance that leads him to re-examine his core values and the basis for living his life and leading his company.

It is widely recognized that effective leaders have clearly defined the values that drive their decision making. Johnson, who is president of Human Advancement and Learning Organization, takes readers through a series of lessons designed to prompt a deeper level of understanding and commitment to their values. This format helps readers to follow the same step-by-step process as the central figure of the story. By understanding how Dave goes through the process of re-discovering his core values, readers can emulate a similar breakthrough in their own lives. True to the title, the intention is for readers to move toward becoming a values-based leader.

The narrative format works well. The main character is easy to identify with as he struggles with his motivations to lead. In the appendix, Johnson summarizes his points in seven recommendations anyone can use to become a values-based leader. Although I found the book light on practical tactics and strategies, at only 86 pages it is a quick (though expensive) read. Becoming a Values-Based Leader will assist anyone who wants a deeper understanding of their personal values to attain higher performance and greater satisfaction in life and work.

Reviewed by Jeff Smith, superintendent, Balsz School District, Phoenix, Ariz.


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