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Board Training
A recent doctoral dissertation found a significant difference in how superintendents and school board presidents perceive the importance of formal training for newly elected board members compared to experienced board members.

The research by James M. Halik at Indiana State University consisted of responses from 250 superintendents and 250 board presidents randomly selected from school districts of varying sizes throughout the United States.

Halik found 80 percent of participants reported some training should be mandatory during board members’ first year of service. Only 55 percent felt that such seminars and workshops should be required for board members after their first year.

Nearly 90 percent of the respondents reported that board members did attend these programs during their first year of service.

Copies of “Does the Training of School Board Members Make a Difference?” can be ordered from ProQuest at 800-521-0600 or info@proquest.com



EpiPen® Access
Pharmaceutical business Mylan Specialty has launched the EpiPen4Schools™ Program to improve schools’ access to epinephrine in the event a person experiences an anaphylactic reaction on school grounds.

With a valid prescription and certification, schools can receive four free EpiPen® products, instructions for use and a training device to familiarize users with proper use.

More information is available at www.EpiPen4Schools.com.

Destination Imagination
Data analysis from the University of Tennessee and the nonprofit Destination Imagination found that participation in the creative problem-solving program improved students’ academic performance, communication skills and related skills.

Destination Imagination is a school-based program in which students solve open-ended challenges and present their solutions at tournaments on the local, state and international levels.

The full findings of the study and research data are available at www.destinationimagination.com.

AASA’s Policy Blog
AASA’s award-winning advocacy blog, The Leading Edge (www.aasa.org/aasaBlog.aspx), is the “best place for AASA members and school system leaders tracking education policy and research to keep up with AASA’s advocacy efforts,” says Noelle Ellerson, assistant director for policy analysis and advocacy. She manages the blog for AASA’s policy and advocacy team.

The Leading Edge was named to the Top 100 Blogs for School Administrators and is one of the more popular pages on the AASA website. Some of the best-read blog posts from recent months include links to AASA’s Back to School 2012: Tell the Good News! toolkit, AASA’s sequestration toolkit and an opportunity for school districts to have their crisis plans evaluated.


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