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Strategic Staffing
Commendations on the terrific article “Strategic Staffing” (August 2012) by Ann Clark. In showing how seriously the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District takes school leadership, the piece also demonstrates why the district was selected to participate in The Wallace Foundation’s Principal Pipeline initiative, which is attempting to place highly qualified principals in every school and then assess and support them so they can succeed.

We are researching the pipeline effort and hope to know in another five years whether it is making a difference for student achievement districtwide.

Senior Communications Officer,
The Wallace Foundation,
New York, N.Y.

Overlooked Talent
In his article “The Changing Rules of the Superintendency Hunt” (October 2010), Arthur Stellar sounded as if he placed children first in all his decisions — which is the way it is supposed to be.

As someone who has served as a superintendent and principal in various school communities, I could identify with much of what Stellar shared about his frustrating job search experiences, even though I never served in the large school districts where he spent much of his career.

In my opinion, most school boards do not know what they are looking for in an administrator even when they see it face to face. How sad this is for children.

Homebound Instructor,
Beaver, Pa.

Lifestyle Guidance
I was so glad to come across the article “Feeding the Body” (November 2005), through your magazine’s online edition in which you published six superintendents’ accounts detailing their regimens for attending to their physical wellness.


I contacted two of the authors and they wrote me back. I was looking for help in finding a healthy lifestyle with a balance following breast cancer treatment. These articles and their authors really inspired me to think that I could make lifestyle changes while still keeping a balance between work and home.

Pleasant Hill School District,
Peoria, Ill.

Paperless Work
I really enjoyed Mary Ann Stabile’s Focus article “Paperless Initiatives Boost Our District’s Connectiveness” (December 2011).

While I find it to be an efficient and possibly effective idea, what do we do for families who do not have Internet access? We tend to assume all families have current technology in the home. While most do, we must keep in mind those families who do not so we ensure the way we connect with families is fair for all.

Special Education Teacher,
Burr Elementary School,
Higganum, Conn.


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