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Additional Resources 

Kathy Zinger suggests these materials for school districts interested in launching a comparative religions course.


  • Does God Make a Difference? Taking Religion Seriously in Our Schools and Universities (Oxford University Press) by Warren A. Nord
  • “Finding Common Ground: A Guide to Religious Liberty in the Public Schools” by Charles C. Haynes and Oliver Thomas, available at www.firstamendmentcenter.org
  • “The First Amendment in the Public Schools” by Charles C. Haynes et. al, available at www.firstamendmentcenter.org
  • Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum (ASCD Press) by Warren A. Nord and Charles C. Haynes
  • Teaching About Religions: A Democratic Approach for Public Schools (University of Michigan Press) by Emile Lester


  • Face to Faith, Tony Blair Faith Foundation, New Haven, Conn., www.tonyblairfaithfoundation.org
  • “Face to Faith: Teaching Global Citizenship” by Marcia Beauchamp, Phi Delta Kappan, December 2011. Beauchamp, now the foundation’s U.S. education manager, provides an overview of Face to Faith.


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