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The American Public

School Teacher    

Past, Present & Future

 Books American Public School

by Darrel Drury and Justin Baer, Harvard Education Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2011, 344 pp. with index, $34.95 hardcover, $26.95 softcover

In The American Public School Teacher: Past, Present & Future, Darrel Drury and Justin Baer provide a clear overview of the evolution of American education from the 1950s to the present, emphasizing the complexities of teaching in today’s society. References to government reform efforts in 1983’s “A Nation at Risk” and the development of No Child Left Behind in 2001 help to situate the problem, thereby setting the stage for the rest of the individual commentaries that constitute the core of the book.

Following the section titled “Setting the Context,” Drury and Baer present “Perspectives on Teachers and Teaching,” which consists of voices from the classroom in the form of a professional development blog for educators. Leading figures in education and the National Education Association offer insights into the status of American education and discussion of future trends.

A sample of commentaries include: “Time, Teaching and Technology” by Michael Dell; “A Vision of the New Teacher in the Twenty-first Century” by Arne Duncan; and “Teachers and Their Union” by Randi Weingarten.

The American Public School Teacher: Past, Present & Future proved informative and would be a useful resource for teachers and school administrators. It also would be useful to college faculty who are teaching courses in teacher education and educational leadership.

Reviewed by Elaine Giugliano, associate professor, Felician College, Rutherford, N.J.


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