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Everyday Engagement 

Making Students and Parents Your Partners in Learning  

by Katy Ridnouer, ASCD, Alexandria, Va., 2011, 219 pp., $26.95 softcover

Books Everyday Engagement

Katy Ridnouer has written a classic. No, not the great American novel, but a book about partnering and advocating for students and parents. Her book Everyday Engagement: Making Students and Parents Your Partners in Learning has a great deal to offer professional educators, parents and students alike.

Engaging students and parents as meaningful partners in education is both daunting and immensely rewarding for all stakeholders. Ridnouer has taught students of all ages in a variety of public, private and international settings, providing her with experience in engaging students and parents.

Readers will reap the rewards of Ridnouer’s knowledge. Teachers will find invaluable ideas for connecting with students and parents in unique and fun ways. The section on how to anticipate and handle setbacks and complications will enhance school communications. Everyday Engagement won’t solve all of the challenges of education, but it contains specific strategies that will help teachers connect with students and parents as individuals. The book provides appropriate, ongoing support and encouragement that will keep students in class, behavior in check and learning on track.

Reviewed by Jim Hattabaugh, educational consultant, Fort Smith, Ark.


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