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Washoe County School

District’s Core Beliefs 


We believe there are specific core beliefs that every teacher should demonstrate in order to have the greatest impact on students and their achievement. These beliefs and values are:

PASSION: Children must have educators who are passionate about helping students learn and achieve their potential.

PERSISTENCE: Children must have educators who never give up on them, demonstrating persistence and perseverance by overcoming obstacles and challenges.

ADVOCACY: Children need each of us to act as their advocate.

BELIEF THAT ALL STUDENTS CAN LEARN: Every student should be held to high expectations and must have educators who believe all students will learn and be successful.

ABILITY TO ENGAGE STUDENTS: Educators must engage all of their students. Student engagement is one of the most important factors directly linked to student achievement.

ABILITY TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Children must feel supported by their educators who will find ways to build strong relationships with students and families.

CULTURAL RESPONSIVENESS: Children of differing cultures and backgrounds must feel understood and comfortable by teachers who possess an awareness and sensitivity of cultures and backgrounds; and embrace student differences; and work to meet each student’s needs. Family, school and community engagement is required for student -success.


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