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Public Impact is an education policy and management consulting firm that works with school districts and other organizations to improve student learning.

The organization has produced informational materials on school turnaround leadership on its website, www.schoolturnarounds.org. The free resources include these reports:

  • “Importing Leaders for School Turnarounds: Lessons and Opportunities” explores lessons about when and how organizations in other sectors import leaders — including how they tempt people away, train them and foster their success.
  • “School Turnaround Leaders: Selection Toolkit” focuses on competencies that would distinguish a highly successful leader in a school turnaround situation.
  • “Successful School Turnarounds: Seven Steps for District Leaders” is a 10-minute webcast that explores the characteristics of leaders who are successful in low-performing schools. A PDF of the presentation is also available.
  • “Using Competencies to Improve School Turnaround Principal Success” describes how using competencies that predict performance can improve turnaround-principal selection, evaluation and development. Competencies in this context mean the underlying motives and habits that cause a person to be successful in a specific role.


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