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Value-Driven Leadership
Jerry Longo’s powerful column (“Value Driven,” April 2012) in your magazine’s My View section demonstrates a deep affection for children and the courage to innovate and take responsible risks. 

His words reflect someone who knows the importance of nurturing a learning community that prizes self-actualization among children and adults. Developing and maintaining healthy relationships with colleagues should be the central values that guide our professional lives.

Executive Education Advisor/North America,
Cisco Systems,
San Jose, Calif.

Just like Jerry Longo, I, too, used In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies early in my career to guide my approach to leadership and management in the educational organizations I worked in.

The book’s tenets continue to ring true through the cacophony of school reform models.

Professor of Education,
Hunter College, City University of New York,
New York, N.Y.

Mooresville’s Laptops
Mark Edwards’ article “Our Digital Conversion” (February 2012) was a splendid tribute to his educational leadership skills, vision and energy. He ought to be justifiably proud of the formula he has created in Mooresville, N.C., for student, teacher and community success.

Superintendent Emeritus,
Hanover County, Va.;
Moseley Architects,
Richmond, Va.

Mark Edwards’ article should be reading required for all our aspiring teachers about to graduate from the university preparation programs and for current and aspiring school board members. It describes a setting of the bar that all of us must achieve in our classrooms and hallways.

Baldwin County Schools,
Bay Minette, Ala.

Legislative Insider 
As someone who has completed 39 years as an educator in Texas public schools, I found it encouraging to read Belinda Pustka’s perspective on the legislative process in her School Administrator article (“The View Inside the Legislator’s Office,” March 2012). Pustka had a wonderful opportunity to work for a dedicated and thoughtful legislator, Jimmie Don Aycock.

She expressed two major concerns about (1) legislative support for charter schools and for-profit education and (2) the lack of funding to follow the growth in student populations. She captured the notion that many legislators view charters as “the answer” to the challenges of educating a growing and diverse student body.

Instead of reaching for an instant fix and releasing charters from all restrictions and requirements, legislators would do well to follow Pustka’s suggestion that they first evaluate the effectiveness of the many existing laws and policies on the public schools. This would require legislators to set clear expectations of schools and account for results from schools.

The lack of funding to support student growth reflects the poor economy but also a reluctance to finance schools to meet the demands of a diverse population.

Pustka’s recommendations for working as advocates for education in the legislative process are right on target. Every educator should apply her ideas when communicating with elected officials.

Regional Vide President,
The College Board,
Austin, Texas



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