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Thinking About Contributions  

As AASA’s flagship publication, School Administrator relies on editorial contributions from our members for a healthy share of the articles, columns and other information that appears in our pages.

So I’m using my corner this month to clue you in to some subjects we hope to address during the second half of the 2012-13 school year. As editorial themes, we’ve selected the following: (1) inclusion, autism and other aspects of special education; (2) the flipped classroom and personalized learning; (3) online course work and virtual schooling; (4) vocational-technical education and career academies; and (5) dropout prevention and credit recovery.

If you or an administrative colleague has expertise or relevant recent experiences in one or more of these areas, we’d welcome hearing from you. If your school district has a program or initiative that has been in place for at least a year or two and yielded meaningful results, tell us about it.

Contributors to School Administrator should keep a few things in mind. Article assignments generally are finalized a good five months prior to publication date, yet only a portion of each issue relates directly to the editorial theme. That means you need not limit your submissions to these subjects.

Lastly, I’ll point our readers to our newly revised author guidelines, accessible on the magazine’s web page: http://aasa.org/AuthorGuidelineMagazine.aspx. The guidelines provide advice on how to meet the editors’ expectations, though if they don’t answer all of your questions, you’re always welcome to contact me.


Jay P. Goldman, Editor
Voice: 703-875-0745
E-mail: jgoldman@aasa.org


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