The School Administrator


March 2009 Number 3 Vol. 66Looking Abroad for AnswersWhat overseas study missions mean to American educators



    An Officer on Land and Water and in the Schools by Paul Riede

    A BOCES superintendent in western New York who loves handling the detail work that others might find onerous.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Who’s Privileged When You Consult the Board Attorney? by David B. Rubin

    What you need to know about the legalities of any conversations you have with the school district’s legal counsel.

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    Tech Leadership

    Creating Student-Friendly Digital Schools by Jim Hirsch

    What policies and practices will enable students to connect their own mobile devices safely and securely to wireless networks and resources?

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    Idaho’s Design for Paraeducator Effectiveness by Jan Byers-Kirsch

    Recognizing the limited training of paraeducators, one state is raising the chances that interventions lead to academic gains by at-risk youngsters.

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    Guest Columns

    Bridging Establishments: Opportunities and Caveats by Michael D. Usdan

    Attacking the false notion that school system reform must follow either a top-down or bottom-up route. The author says policymakers must connect the long-standing divide.

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    In Superintendent Evaluations, How Much Sunshine Is Enough? by V. Wayne Young

    Kentucky’s attorney general has ruled the entire superintendent evaluation process must be conducted in open session. This will lead to ineffective performance reviews in circus-like settings, says the director of the Kentucky Association of School Administrators.

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    President’s Corner

    The Stained Glass Window by Randall H. Collins

    At this moment in history, AASA’s president believes educators hold a chance to make a real difference that may not come again.

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    Executive Perspective

    Equipping the Globe With a Powerful Weapon by Daniel A. Domenech

    Encounters during his recent schools tour of Peru have reaffirmed the belief of AASA’s executive director in the leverage of education to fight ignorance and intolerance.

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    Federal Dateline

    An Energized Beginning for Congress by Bruce Hunter

    Furious action during the opening weeks of a new season in Washington are springing hopes for a revitalized partnership between federal and local levels.

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    Recent appointments and retirements among school system leaders, along with a few deaths of note.

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