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Readers of a certain age probably grew up as consumers of Reader’s Digest, that monthly collection of easily digestible periodical literature. My favorite pages were those brief, slice-of-life tales known as Campus Comedy, Humor in Uniform and Life in These United States.

For about 15 years now, our magazine has emulated those amusing anecdotes in our own back-page humor column, Leadership Lite, where each month we share some of the unintended funny encounters between students and educators and the oddball predicaments in which school leaders find themselves. This department in School Administrator has commanded wide appeal from its beginning — always figuring as the No. 1 or No. 2 best-read section of the magazine.

A couple of anecdotes in this month’s Leadership Lite ought to disabuse anyone who ever thought the title of superintendent would guarantee respect from all corners. The moments we’ve captured here can best be described as: “When egos take a beating.”

We largely rely on our readers (or anyone else who works in a school district, for that matter) to share with us humorous or offbeat stories that can be told in just a few paragraphs. As such, I encourage all of you to pass along your stories for our possible use in Leadership Lite. We can’t promise you the 17 million global circulation of Reader’s Digest, but we can deliver an audience that appreciates the brief respite we offer through the lighter side of leadership life.

Jay P. Goldman, Editor
Voice: 703-875-0745
E-mail: jgoldman@aasa.org


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