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Small Schools, Education, and

the Importance of Community 

Pathways to Improvement and a Sustainable Future  

by Tim L. Adsit, R&L Education, Lanham, Md., 2011, 210 pp. with index, $28.95 softcover


Tremendous potential exists for economic revitalization around the small, traditional community institutions called rural schools, which today educate about 20 percent of the nation’s K-12 students in public education.

Drawing on his experience as a superintendent, grant-writer and management consultant, Tim Adsit delivers an easy-to-read handbook for action for rural education leaders in Small Schools, Education, and the Importance of Community: Pathways to Improvement and a Sustainable Future. He discusses building community capacity by developing partnerships among the local school district, community organizations, civic groups and individuals.

Readers will appreciate the book’s length of 59 pages. In short chapters, the reader gains an understanding of the central role of schools in the cultural and economic development of their communities. Adsit sees rural school leaders transforming the conventional role of the small school by championing the development and celebration of the community's development, revitalization and sustainability.

Secondly, the book shares a series of examples of community service education, sample activities for developing a school-community vision, tools for community development, a community-school simulation activity and lists of resources.

Reviewed by Marilyn King, assistant superintendent, Bozeman Public Schools, Bozeman, Mont.



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