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Copyright for Schools

A Practical Guide, 5th ed.

by Carol Simpson, ABC-CLIO, Linworth, Calif., 2010, 252 pp. with index, $45 softcover

Book Review: Copyright for Schools

The fifth edition of Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide by Carol Simpson is a comprehensive guide to the rights and wrongs of working with copyrighted protected materials in schools. Because educators and students use copyrighted materials on a daily basis, the use and abuse of the copyright laws is inevitable, whether by intention or by ignorance.

The author’s experience as a high school teacher, school librarian, district director, technology director and now as a practicing lawyer is evident throughout this guide. Sixteen chapters are presented, including an extensive yet easily readable review of the copyrights laws, what is in the public domain, fair use of printed and audiovisual materials, multimedia, distance leading and the use of Internet in schools.

Scattered throughout the guide in each chapter are question and answer columns, which present a scenario of copy use and answers to each. These scenarios will be helpful to administrators in school districts who may want to use this book as a training tool or supplemental textbook in teacher development.

All mediums and current uses of technology are addressed in Simpson’s updated 5th edition. Of special note is the chapter on Copyright and Administrators, a short but informative chapter on the responsibilities of administrators regarding copyright infringements and the possible liability of infringements for administrators, boards of education and the school district.

This book would be helpful to principals and superintendents who wish to enhance their understanding of the myriad of copyright laws and their affect upon educators and schools.

Reviewed by Elaine Giugliano, associate professor, Felician College, Rutherford, N.J.



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