Special Edition on Bullying at School and Online

Developed in partnership with Education.com, offers resources and tools to help parents take an active role in addressing bullying.

education_logoThe American Association of School Administrators presents this Special Edition on Bullying at School and Online, a powerful new initiative that provides new information and tools to help parents take an active role in addressing bullying. This free online resource is presented by AASA in partnership with Education.com, a leading web destination for parents of school-aged children, and corporate sponsor.

This resource contains easy-to-read, evidence-based, peer-reviewed content designed to dispel common myths and empower parents and their children to take effective action against bullying. In all, more than 30 original articles, video clips, quizzes, online workshops, community forums and quick-fact lists are available free-of-charge on the website.

A highlight of the content is a list — developed using research findings reported in the Special Edition — of 10 actions parents can take to help reduce bullying. The list suggests parents spend time at their child’s school, learn the signs that a child is being bullied, and establish household rules about bullying.

This initiative supports AASA’s belief in educating the total child. AASA believes we must support the key factors that determine our children’s academic achievement, from physical and mental health to the development of fundamental, lifelong learning skills.

We are pleased that AASA members nationwide are spreading the word about the Education.com Special Edition on Bullying at School and Online to parents in their districts. Please help AASA ensure this free resource is widely distributed to the schools and parents in your district! Here are some ways you can do this:

  1. Learn more about this initiative by reading a letter to AASA members (Word) from AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech and AASA President Randy Collins and the initiative press release
  2. Send a letter to all the principals and teachers in your schools system (download a sample “Letter from the Superintendent” [Word])
  3. Encourage the teachers in your school system to distribute a letter to parents (download a sample “Letter to Parents in English” or a "Letter to Parents in Spanish" [Word])
  4. Post in your schools and send home with parents a flier that outlines the 10 Actions Parents Can Take to Help Reduce Bullying (PDF) (also available in spanish, Diez acciones de los padres pueden tomar para enfrentar la intimidación.
  5. Highlight the initiative on your district’s website
  6. Ask your district's webmaster to post a "widget" to help parents assess their understanding of myths vs. facts around bullying.
  7. Work with your district public affairs office to generate other ideas for promoting the tool to the school community.

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