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Change Leader

Learning to Do What Matters Most

by Michael Fullan, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, Calif., 2011, 192 pp. with index, $27.95 hardcover


Change Leader: Leaning to Do What Matters Most by Michael Fullan completes the esteemed author’s trilogy on leadership.

Since the writing of Leading in a Culture of Change and The Six Secrets of Change, Fullan has been engaged with practitioners and policymakers to bring about substantial improvements in large, complex education systems. He now suggests figuring out what is working and what could work better and then looking into how research and theory might help.

Change Leader is about practice. It presents a seven-part solution, positioning practice as the creative crucible. The other six elements consist of combining resolve, motivation, collaboration, confidence, impact and simplicity.

Fullan includes many illustrative examples from education as well as business, health care, nonprofit and government sectors.

The book is a practical, easy read. At the beginning of each chapter is a key insight, and the book includes forms for rating your own skill as a change leader on the characteristics in question. Fullan concludes with his Change Leader Framework, which he contends eases change, accelerates quality implementation and sustains results. He argues for developing a new kind of leader who has credibility, identifies the few things that matter most and knows how to leverage skills to improve the entire organization.

The stories are inspiring, and the lessons are both simple and powerful.

Reviewed by Diane E. Reed, co-director, Graduate Educational Leadership Program, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, N.Y.


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