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A Guide to Building Education


Navigating Diverse Cultural Contexts to Turn Challenge Into Promise 


by Matthew T. Hora and Susan B. Millar, Stylus Publishing, Sterling, Va., 2011, 218 pp. with index, $27.50 softcover

A Guide to Building Education Partnerships covers three partnership types, best described as limited, coordinated and collaborative. The subject is a timely one as school districts stretch every dollar and every staff member.

With such limited resources, districts should strongly consider education partnerships, and many state and federal grants actually require districts to form a partnership in order to qualify for their funding. Yet district personnel should be careful not to jump into an external relationship without having appropriate strategies, people and plans in place. Authors Matthew Hora and Susan Millar focus this work on “how partnership structures, relationships and practices can be developed to increase the prospects for generating new and productive cultural models.”

Their book provides step-by-step recommendations for developing a partnership. To make the events more relevant, the authors include case studies of relationships that were not successful in meeting their proposed goals. Hora and Millar are researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Millar also directs education research at the Morgridge Institute for Research.

This book is helpful for any leader involved in designing or managing a partnership with an outside group. The book’s mini-summaries, partnership action points, core ideas and bibliographic notes in each chapter highlight useful points and provide resources for further research.

Reviewed by Lylia King, Texas Regional Manager, Walch Education, Cleburne, Texas


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