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Young But Full of Guile
The children and staff at the employee child care center operated by the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District in Grapevine, Texas, were forced to evacuate when the smoke/fire detectors sounded. Staff immediately began emergency procedures and got everyone to safety.

It was quickly discovered there was no fire, but the staff did realize they have some crafty little ones in their midst.

Apparently, one of the babies had stood up in his crib and pulled the colorful wall switch, which set off the alarm.

“It was a good laugh and gave us a good opportunity to have a fire drill,” said Megan Overman, the district’s public information officer.

Thirsty Greenery
Peter Carter has a hard time staying retired from the superintendency, but that doesn’t mean he’s unattached to a new house he bought in Delaware in 2009.

After a 30-year career in New Jersey schools, Carter first retired from the Ringwood district in 2004, but he’s come back twice to jobs in the Garden State, giving him close proximity to his childhood home in Brooklyn. Carter most recently worked as interim superintendent in Hoboken for about 18 months until January 2011.

He told an interviewer with Hoboken Patch that he’d only been in Delaware long enough to unpack 30 house plants. During his Hoboken stint, he would travel south every other weekend to water those plants.

The Look-Alike Factor
The Cook County School District 130 in Blue Island, Ill., was debating the merits of school uniforms for students. Being a matter of great educational importance, parents flocked to a board of education meeting to express their opinions for and against.

The most interesting comment opposing mandatory uniforms came from one mother who asked, “How will we identify the bodies in a natural disaster if everyone is dressed the same?”

Superintendent Raymond Lauk reports the uniform policy still passed. And to date, fortunately, there have been no natural disasters.

Mistaken Identity
Near the end of the school year, Jeff Miller, superintendent of the Clear Creek School District in Idaho Springs, Colo., was visiting schools to present retiring teachers with the district’s Golden Apple recognition. As he and the building principal arrived at a 2nd-grade classroom, they found the students returning from recess.

Dressed in his usual sport coat and tie, Miller stood in front of the classroom while students got settled. He was holding in front of him the box containing the golden apple that he was about to present to the teacher. A little girl looked alarmed and shouted, “Oh no, we are going to get a shot.”

Because the town of Idaho Springs is a casual place, the youngster thought Miller was a physician getting ready to vaccinate the students. For a brief moment, he played along and stated, “Yes, and who wants to go first?”

That drew a predictable response, so the superintendent quickly clarified the reason for his visit.

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