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It's New. Is It Improved?

By reaching this point in the January issue, you’ve undoubtedly noticed our new look … and perhaps even some of the new features we’re introducing in School Administrator.

This marks the third time in my 21 years at the helm that this publication has undergone a redesign. It’s not a task we take lightly. The visual changes suggested by the experts at AURAS Design are intended to bring better readability, a logical orientation and a more modern face to the magazine.

The new editorial fare, which has been in the works for a year now, addresses both the evolving needs and interests of those in school system leadership as well as the recognition of social media’s prevalence in our public and private lives. We’ve also built more obvious linkages between the print and web editions of the magazine.

Space here in my editor’s note — newly rechristened as “Starting Point” — doesn’t allow a full explanation of what we have in store with this redesign, so I’ll spell out some particulars in the coming months.

For now, I invite you to spend a few additional minutes surveying the new landscape that’s in your hands. Of course, we really want to know what you think — honestly. Do the new sections fuel your interest? Can you read the typeface? Do you have a suggestion for doing something differently? After all, this should be your magazine, not ours at AASA headquarters. So please be frank in your feedback.

Jay P. Goldman, Editor
Voice: 703-875-0745


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