The School Administrator

November 2011

November 2011 Number 10, Vol. 68Rookies and RetireesPersonal tales from first-year and final-year superintendents


Profile: Jo Ann Matthews

    A Force for Workplace Understanding by Liz Griffin

    Louisiana superintendent Jo Ann Matthews faces the hard facts with a sense of optimism.

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    Corporate Boards and Substantive Leadership by BILL NEMIR

    Community members want and expect a board of education that makes hard choices thoughtfully and deliberately without the rancor the author observed at a session he attended in a school district.

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    Creating Connections Through a House Formation by HENRY B. RUSSELL

    Banishing student anonymity among the faculty of his district’s 1,700-student high schools has been addressed through the formation of smaller learning units in Independence, Mo. The author is the district’s former superintendent.

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    Adding Instructional Time at No Greater Cost by JOHN T. FITZSIMONS

    A suburban district produced a practical and inexpensive solution for revising the school schedule that expands classroom contact. To make the change, the district overcame inertia, outside pressure and contractual restrictions.

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    This month’s assortment of appointments, retirements, deaths and honors in the AASA membership ranks.

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    When Foes Attack,Silence Is Seldom Golden by BRAD HUGHES

    Not every public criticism of an administrative decision merits a reaction beyond hitting the delete key, yet too often leaders say, “Criticism just slides off my back,” when a longer-range view would see potential harm from an unanswered charge.

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    The Buck Stopped Here by PATRICIA E. NEUDECKER

    Two important lessons that linger from overseeing an emergency early in her tenure as a superintendent.

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    A Close-Up Look at India’s Schools by DANIEL A. DOMENECH

    Contrasting pictures of the K-12 education system observed during a recent educators’ trip to the world’s second-most-populous country.

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    Growth Models for the Data Rich, Information Poor by JOHN L. GATTA

    The promising notion of the local growth model as a value-added measuring stick that simplifies the work of the school district.

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