AASA Offers Professional Learning Around Strategic Compensation as Educational Improvement Strategy

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May 5, 2011 


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Online courses developed by Battelle for Kids now available to AASA members

DENVER–The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) is pleased to now offer its membership a series of online courses developed by Battelle for Kids to help school leaders build understanding around strategic compensation as an educational-improvement strategy and provide districts that are considering these reforms with critical information to guide the implementation of a compensation model that works to advance their improvement goals.

In recent months, many superintendents, state departments of education and school leaders across the country have been exploring strategic compensation in an effort to recruit, develop and retain effective educators, particularly as billions of dollars have been made available for school districts through Race to the Top, the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) and other state and federal government initiatives to pursue alternative pay structures for teachers, principals and other district staff.

However, strategic compensation programs are complex and need to be designed thoughtfully, collaboratively and as part of a larger human capital and educational-improvement strategy to maintain the trust of educators, parents and other community members and build on existing relationships with these stakeholders.

“Collaboration is at the heart of any successful school reform effort, particularly one that involves altering the decades-old system of how teachers are paid,” noted Battelle for Kids’ Executive Director Jim Mahoney. “There is no perfect system when it comes to strategic compensation in education, but there are several critical steps that all school leaders should take when designing and implementing a compensation model.”

With this in mind, Battelle for Kids created a series of six strategic compensation online courses designed to help education leaders across the country learn and apply these critical steps, while providing a framework to build compensation programs that are uniquely aligned with their values and have the potential to create meaningful opportunities for teachers to help students make gains in the classroom. AASA has begun offering these courses on its website, www.aasa.org, as a professional learning tool for members who are considering strategic compensation as part of their district’s reform efforts.

“Recruiting, training and retaining good teachers is at the heart of public education. It is important that superintendents and principals have all the tools they need to get that job done,” said Mary Ann Jobe, Director of Leadership Development for AASA.

Battelle for Kids developed the strategic compensation online courses using comprehensive research as well as experience and lessons learned from its work with several diverse school districts over the past decade. The courses guide users through: 

  • The history of educator compensation practices
  • The components of compensation programs
  • How to use data appropriately and incorporate multiple measures into a compensation model
  • How to design and implement a strategic compensation plan that is tied to a district-wide improvement framework using collaborative teams, professional development, communications, technology and more. 

“Strategic compensation is not a ‘fix all’ solution,” explained Mahoney. “But, when school leaders engage stakeholders in the process and craft a model that aligns with their district’s goals, compensation reform does offer the hope and promise of helping to transform our education system.” 

“I appreciate AASA’s partnership in working to provide resources to help school leaders understand and build an effective compensation system and support other efforts to strengthen teaching and learning across the country.” 

For more information, visit AASA’s website at http://www.aasa.org/BattelleforKids.aspx or Battelle for Kids’ website at http://www.battelleforkids.org/Services/Educator_Compensation/StrategicCompensationOnlineCourses



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