AASA Statement on Recent Challenges to Public Education

Contact: Kitty Porterfield, 703-774-6953, kporterfield@aasa.org

Arlington, Va., April 6, 2011 – Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director of the American Association of School Administrators representing more than 13,000 public school leaders across the nation, issued the following statement in response to recent federal policy and Supreme Court decisions: 

“Within the last week, both the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court have taken actions that undermine America’s public school systems. Both last week’s vote to extend a failing private school voucher program for the District of Columbia and the recent Supreme Court ruling that prohibits ordinary taxpayers from challenging tax credit programs directing public funds to religious entities hinder efforts to ensure all students graduate from high school college and career ready. 

“One of the greatest strengths of America’s public school system is that it serves all students. Congressional and judicial decisions that divert public funding to private schools serve only a small number of our nation’s students. 

“AASA supports public funding for public schools. The sizeable challenge of closing the achievement gap becomes even harder to overcome when the federal approach to education funding widens the resources gap. Voucher programs and tuition tax credits provide choice for the few at the expense of the many. 

“Authorizing the continuation of these programs means that students remaining in the D.C. and Arizona public schools—whether by choice or because there are no scholarships available to them—are at risk of receiving a lower quality public education. Public education is statutorily required in all 50 states and must be funded as a public priority, not a publicly available good for private consumption by a few. To undermine public education is to undermine the foundation of our nation.” 

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