The School Administrator

Jan 2011 Cover

January 2011 Number 1, Vol. 68Fiscal FitnessMaking the most of declining budgets by targeting district spending on academic needs



    An Old Listening Skill That Serves Him Well by FRANCESCA DUFFY

    Rick Buresh, a superintendent in Fargo, N.D., didn’t necessarily see an executive role in his future, but a career in the classroom was virtually predestined, owing to what he calls his family’s “multigenerational commitment.”

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Welcoming Board Oversight by DONALD R. McADAMS

    Though no superintendent wants board member involvement in management, the author calls it a mistake to keep boards as far away from operations as possible. Oversight, done right, improves performance.

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    Guest Columns

    Kindergarten Boot Camp?About Face! by EDWARD MILLER AND JOAN ALMON

    Kindergarten once was a place to introduce children to the pleasures of learning through play and discovery. Two early childhood advocates say the tough new approaches to preparing our youngest pupils are based on questionable assumptions.

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    One Memorable Snow Day Call by LINTON DECK

    The decision to open or close schools when facing a forecast of snow is a no-win situation. One veteran school system leader’s first personal involvement with a snow call some 40 years ago remains indelibly inked.

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    Has Student Work Ethic Lost Its Way? by PATRICK J. GABRIEL JR.

    What’s to be done about parents’ and students’ permissive attitudes toward tardiness and irregular attendance?

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    Overselling the Myth of the Bad Teacher and Tenure by HAROLD KWALWASSER

    Some school districts have their own way of encouraging poor performers to leave. This author reveals what his research of several dozen successful districts showed.

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    The Stupid Period by PATRICIA A. NUGENT

    Though a seasoned central-office administrator, the author found herself floundering in her new post because she didn’t understand the organizational culture. It really came to a head during an office birthday celebration.

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    Tech Leadership

    Kids as Your District’s Content Filter? by KEITH R. KRUEGER

    In one conservative Texas community, the school district’s leadership follows an open-access philosophy when it comes to technology use that holds students accountable for their actions on the Internet.

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    President's Corner

    Living Up to Our Resolutions by EDGAR B. HATRICK

    AASA’s president tells students who are graduating from his district’s technical education school they are the best-prepared students for the next steps in life. Based on what he’s seen happening overseas, he may start to convey that message at the middle school level.

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    Executive Perspective

    Missing the Vocational Boat by DANIEL A. DOMENECH

    During a recent international study mission, AASA’s head discovered Switzerland’s “radical” philosophy on vocational education, a sophisticated system of training, apprenticeships and collaboration with the business community.

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    AASA School Solutions

    A Payment Tool Parents (and Staff) Appreciate by JAY D. BASS

    An online payment system should be compatible with a school district’s existing financial and student data software while providing easy access for parents and booster groups, says the head of a company that serves those purposes.

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    The latest collection of superintendent appointments and retirements around the nation.

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