National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition Founding Document

Mission Statement:
The purpose of the National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition (NREAC) is to advocate for the highest quality education for the children of rural America’s public schools. The coalition will represent the interests of rural public schools in the national forums in which such issues are decided and in a state when an issue affecting rural schools could have national impact. The NREAC is committed to equitable and adequate funding of rural public schools. The coalition is committed to national policy expanding the programs and services available to rural public schools. The NREAC is dedicated to maintaining rural schools as centers for learning and community life for rural America.

Qualifications for Membership:

  • Agreement with the coalition mission statement
  • A membership organization/ association 
  • Payment of annual dues 
  • Acceptance by the Governing Board

Annual Dues:
The annual dues are $250 for the first year of membership and $500 for each subsequent year.

Makeup of the Governing Board:
The NREAC Governing Board will be composed of all coalition members in good standing at the set dues. Representatives on the Governing Board must have a letter of appointment from their organization. Any changes of organizational representation on the Governing Board are a decision of the individual member of the coalition.

Powers of the Governing Board:

  • Each member of the Governing Board has equal power. 
  • The method of determining positions on issues will be consensus. Majority rule will be the last resort. 
  • Though the coalition will pool resources to work for a common agenda, each member of the NREAC will maintain their individual autonomy. 
  • The Governing Board has the authority to make operational and administrative decisions for the coalition. 
  • The Governing Board has the authority to set the annual dues. 
  • The Governing Board has the authority to ask for additional money from members for special purposes and projects. 
  • The Governing Board has the authority to propose a change of the governing structure of the coalition, though the final approval for this change must come through the entire NREAC membership. 
  • The officers of the coalition, a chair and a vice-chair, will be chosen annually by the Governing Board.

Finances for the Coalition:
The membership fee for the coalition will be paid to the National Rural Education Association (NREA). NREA will establish an individual bank account for the coalition under their 501(c)3 status and will act as a conduit for the distribution of funds to the American Association of School Administrators as determined by the NREAC Governing Board.

Meeting Schedule:
NREAC will meet several times through out the year. The coalition will meet annually at the NREA conference and in January at the policy meeting held by the American Association of School Administrators, for the coalition. Additional meeting times will be determined by the Governing Board as needed. Finally, meetings may be held and decisions may be made through the use of technology, including conference calls, email, and video conferencing.