AASA Statement on Passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

February 16, 2009

Amy Vogt


ARLINGTON, Va. – The American Association of School Administrators, the professional organization for school superintendents and other school system leaders, issued the following statement on the House and Senate’s passage of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which includes some $100 billion in education funding:

“Congress made a critical investment in America’s children and the nation’s economy by passing President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This important measure provides essential funding for schools during a time of severe budget shortfalls. It promises to help cash-strapped school districts avoid program cuts, prevent teacher layoffs, invest in school modernization and increase funding for Title I, special education and other important programs for children nationwide.

“The bill recognizes that public schools are an integral component of economic recovery and growth. Investing in a strong public school system is sound economic policy because it produces a strong workforce, fueling the economic diversity essential to a recovering economy.

“AASA is proud that our members across the country stood up and made their voices heard on this important bill. School leaders contacted their members of Congress in droves, explaining the huge impact the economic downturn has had in their districts and communicating the urgent need for funding to save teaching positions and educational programs for students.

“The bill is not perfect. It does not include the level of funding for school construction included in the House version of the bill, which would have created thousands of jobs and improved the educational environment for children. In addition, the state stabilization fund included in the measure does not establish a prompt timeline for the federal government to get money to schools so schools can avoid staff layoffs.

“However, this bill is an important step toward protecting American children from devastating program and staffing cuts. Now, it is critically important that Congress and the Department of Education act to ensure schools receive the funds quickly. With budget deadlines looming, states can’t afford to wait to receive this critical funding.”


About AASA
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